The All-Russian Economic Dictation was held in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug

Traditionally, the promotion was held in offline and online formats

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The purpose of the action is educational: to arouse interest in economic science and the current economic agenda, to show that economic knowledge is necessary for everyone to make daily decisions.

“I believe that any educational events are very important, they allow us to learn something new, understand ourselves, find out what is happening in the world, what is important for me, for our society, for the whole country as a whole,” says the organizer of the event in NAO Tatyana Ipatova.

Photo: Ekaterina Ester/

The tasks of the action were compiled for two categories of participants: schoolchildren in grades 9-11, as well as university students and everyone.

— The main difficulty arose in terms of transactions. Over time, this material was forgotten due to non-participation in such transactions throughout my adult life. There were two tasks in which it was necessary to do calculations (division, multiplication, percentages), we took them in Mayak, we had paper and a pen at hand. Online would be inconvenient, especially if you solve tasks from a smartphone. After passing the test, the questions remained in my hands; there was a reason to double-check myself. We are waiting for the results! — Deputy Head of the Department of Finance and Economics Alexey Kozhevin shared.

Photo: Ekaterina Ester/

Let us explain, the All-Russian Economic Dictation is organized by the Free Economic Society of Russia with the participation of the International Union of Economists.

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