Israel says at least 22 of 129 hostages still held by Hamas dead

The Government of Israel assures that at least 22 of the 129 hostages who remain kidnapped by Hamas are dead. According to the spokesman for the Israeli Government, Eylon Levy, the bodies of the victims remain in the hands of the islamic terrorist group.

According to Tel Aviv, they were murdered by the terrorist group and they demand that the Red Cross do more to assist the most vulnerable hostages. “have been buried alive” in their captivity.

Likewise, they have recalled that the majority of those kidnapped by Hamas in the attack on October 7, They were women and children. Attack for which Israel declared war on Hamas and launched a military offensive in Gaza that leaves at least 21,110 dead and 55,243 injured.

Since then, attacks between the two have only ceased during a seven-day truce that took place in November and was mediated by Qatar, Egypt and the United States. Stoppage through which 105 hostages were freed in exchange for 240 Palestinians imprisoned in Israeli jails.

Hamas accuses Israel of stealing organs

On the other hand, the Islamic terrorist group Hamas, has accused Israel of stealing organs. Complaint they have received corpses of mutilated Palestinians, without liver or kidneys.

Erdogan compares Netanyahu to Hitler

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has compared the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, with Hitler and he has accused him of perpetrating a genocide against the Kurds.

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