Israel kills the mastermind of the Hamas attacks, who claims that 50 hostages have already died

He Israeli army reported this Thursday that he has killed Shadi Barudsupposed intellectual co-author of the attacks against Israeli territory on the 7th committed by the Palestinian Islamist group Hamaswhich in turn announced that some 50 hostages have died by the Israeli bombings on the Gaza Strip, controlled by said militia.

He “number two” of Hamas Intelligence DirectorateShadi Barud, whom Israel considered the intellectual co-author of the attacks against its territory on the 7th, in which More than 1,400 people died and more than 200 were kidnapped and taken to Gaza, died in an Air Force bombing, according to a military statement.

According to the Israeli Army, Barud along with another Hamas commander, Yahya Sinwar(considered by Israel as their main objective, whom they have not yet managed to locate) planned the action against Israeli territory on October 7.

Likewise, “Israel Defense Forces (IDF) fighter jets killed the commander of the rocket battalion in the northern area of ​​Khan Younis, Hasan al-Abdullah,” said an Israeli Army spokesman. Since the war started, 20 days ago, Israeli forces have killed a dozen senior Hamas officials.

In parallel, Israel’s bombings of Gaza have caused at least 7,028 dead and 18,484 injuredaccording to data from the Gaza Ministry of Health.

Hamas says 50 hostages killed by Israeli bombings in Gaza

The spokesman for the Al Qasam Brigadesarmed wing of Hamas, Abu Obeidaannounced this Thursday the death of about 50 hostages by Israel’s bombings on the Gaza Strip, controlled by the Palestinian Islamist group. Abu Obeida made the announcement in a statement, where he limited himself to reporting the death of 50 “Israeli prisoners” by the air attacks on the Strip, without offering more details.

Previously, the Israeli Army spokesman, Daniel Hagarihad raised this Thursday to 224 the number of hostages from their country captured by Hamas during the attack on October 7. Last week Abu Obeida said he had a total of 250 hostages – 200 held by the al-Qasam Brigades and 50 held by other Palestinian militias.

In the last days, Hamas has released four hostages: mother and daughter Judith and Natalie Raanan, with American nationality and released on Friday, and elderly Israeli women Yochved Lifshitz and Nurit Cooper, released by Hamas this Monday.

According to data provided by the Israeli Government on Wednesday, more than half of the hostages have foreign passports from about 25 countries and there are also at least 54 people of Thai nationality.

Israel: small ground operations in Gaza will continue on a trial basis

The Israeli Army specified this Thursday that the small-scale ground operation it carried out last night in the Gaza Strip was an essay and they will continue to be carried out, as a test for a major ground raid in the future.

One of the spokespersons for the Israeli Defense Forces, Richard Hechtrefused in a virtual press conference to define last night’s operation as a “raid” and preferred to use the word “brigade-level raid” and to hit Hamas infrastructure and tunnels, and “prepare the ground for the future.”

The Israeli Defense Minister affirms that the ground operation “is close”

The Israeli Minister of Defense, Yoav Gallantstated this Thursday that ground operation in Gaza “is close” and “it will begin when conditions are conducive,” while emphasizing that “the forces are ready.”

In a televised speech, Gallant promised that Israel will win the war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip and He promised a “supreme effort” to return the more than 200 hostages held by Hamas. “We are in decisive moments. This is a war for our home and we will win it. It’s us or them,” she says in a televised speech.

“War is precise, lethal and powerful. It is our duty to win this war. That is the unwritten contract between the security system and the citizens, and it is my duty as Minister of Defense to exercise leadership so that we win and the citizens can live here in peace and tranquility,” he stressed.

UNRWA at fuel limit in Gaza

The United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) reiterated today that it is on the verge of suspending its humanitarian operations in the Gaza Strip because its fuel reserves are “almost sold out” and fuel is still not entering the Palestinian enclave, besieged by Israeli bombings.

“Fuel is still urgently needed to sustain vital humanitarian operations. “Current stocks are almost depleted, forcing the suspension of life-saving services,” the UN agency said in its latest report.

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