Iranian teenager who allegedly suffered a beating for not wearing a veil, brain dead

The Iranian teenager Armita Geravand, who hospitalized since early October After suffering an alleged attack in the Tehran subway at the hands of agents of the ‘Moral Police’ for not wearing the veil, she would be in a state of brain death, according to official Iranian media.

The Borna news agency, under the Iranian Ministry of Sports, has reported that “Unfortunately his prognosis is not promising despite the efforts of the medical staff and he has been declared brain dead”.

Borna repeats the official version that Geravand, a 16-year-old student at the Arwa al Waghgi Technical and Vocational University, “suddenly fainted while boarding a subway car and fell on his back.”

She was transferred by ambulance with the help of Tehran metro personnel.. The information has also been collected by the Tasnim news agency, dependent on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, the elite military and ideological body of the Iranian Armed Forces.

The young woman, a resident of Tehran, was at the Shohada metro station in the Iranian capital when She was allegedly attacked by members of the ‘Moral Police’the body in charge of ensuring correct compliance with Islamic dress, for not wearing the veil, according to information from media related to the opposition.

Iranian media broadcast images from security cameras in which several people take the young woman out of the car “after suffering a drop in blood pressure”yes ok there is no trace of the previous momentsso several NGOs, including Iran Human Rights (IHR), suspect that the authorities are trying to cover up the incident.

As part of the event, a journalist from the newspaper ‘Shargh’ sent to the scene to cover the events was detained, although she was later released. The alleged aggression of the young woman is reminiscent of the death of the young Kurdish-Iranian Mahsa Amini, which led to massive protests against the Government of Iran.

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