Bernardo Arévalo, sworn in as the new president of Guatemala after several hours of delay in taking office

Bernardo Arévalo has been inaugurated president of Guatemala for the period 2024-2028 in a ceremony that began at the stroke of midnight at the Miguel Ángel Asturias Cultural Centerafter several hours of delay in the inauguration due to the constitution of Congress, which has generated a tense day in the country.

The president of the Chamber, Samuel Pérez, also from the social democratic Semilla Movement, has announced the investiture of the vice president, Karin Herrera, amid cheers in the room, to which Delegations from dozens of countries have attended. The authorities have given them the command insignia, which had been previously delivered by the outgoing president, Alejandro Giammattei.

“Given the risk of arrive at midnight without starting the formal actsat this moment I delivered the symbols of the Presidency to the Congress of Guatemala so that they can be given to me separately from the position as established by the Constitution of the Republic,” said the conservative, as shared through his profile on the social network X, formerly known as Twitter.

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