Africa suffers from an unprecedented global food crisis

A study, presented at the African Commission for Agricultural Statistics, reveals that around 20% of Africa’s population is undernourished in the face of an unprecedented food crisis that has been aggravated since the coronavirus pandemic. Compared to previous figures, central Africa is the territory that registers the greatest increase in the prevalence of malnutrition with 4.3%.

At the moment, around 78% of the continent’s inhabitants cannot afford a healthy diet, a figure that contrasts with the 58% of the world’s population who can do so. Children are a group that directly suffers the consequences: three out of ten suffer from growth delays for having inadequate diets. Experts attribute these data to increases in the prices of basic foods.

In the report, its authors remain hopeful that these findings will drive the transformation of agri-food systems along with other systems such as education, health and energy to achieve improvements in production, nutrition and the lives of all people. people.

Full report

Africa – Regional Food Security and Nutrition Overview 2023

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