The Yusharsky village council is provided with a full amount of energy resources for the winter

According to the head of the municipality, Yakov Usachev, the last barge with diesel fuel was unloaded in Karatayka this morning.

Unloading a barge in Karatayka Photo: Yakov Usachev

A barge with diesel fuel arrived in Karatayka the previous afternoon. The pumping into coastal reservoirs began yesterday at 14.10 and ended today at 8.00. A total of 1,265 tons of diesel fuel were delivered to the village.

— During delivery, the quality of diesel fuel was checked – density, presence of water. All checks went well, no complaints. The same goes for other types of fuel that were previously delivered to Karatayka and Varnek. To date, the northern delivery to the Yusharsky village council has been completed. We are provided with all the necessary energy resources for the coming winter,” said Yakov Usachev.

Photo: Ekaterina Ester/

According to the Nenets Oil Company, a ship with fuel briquettes, coal, technical oils and lubricants arrived in Nizhnyaya Pesha the day before. Also on September 27, the loading of a sea vessel began in the port of Arkhangelsk, which should deliver gasoline in barrels to Amderma, as well as coal, fuel briquettes, fuels and lubricants (oils and lubricants, gasoline) in barrels to Ust-Kara.

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