The exhibition-quiz of the Russian Geographical Society will be held in the Moscow park “Northern Tushino”

In the museum and park complex “Northern Tushino” from August 1 to 31 there will be an exhibition-quiz of the Russian Geographical Society “Questions on the Geography of Russia”. Visitors to the open-air exhibition will not only see photographs of amazing natural and cultural attractions from various parts of our country, but will also have the opportunity to test their erudition and gain new knowledge.

Come to the exhibition and try to guess how a walrus will behave when meeting a penguin, what flowers grow at the foot of the mountain range, what river Anton Chekhov wrote about during his trip to Sakhalin. Other interesting questions await you, the answers to which are available via QR code at the exhibition stands.

One of the exhibition stands

The exhibition is based on the works of participants in the annual competition of the Russian Geographical Society “The most beautiful country”. This largest photography project in Russia dedicated to wildlife fosters a sense of respect for our common property.

All questions accompanying the colorful photographs of the exhibition were prepared by experts from the Russian Geographical Society. Enjoy picturesque photographs and test your knowledge of geography at the quiz exhibition together with the Russian Geographical Society!

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