Teachers from the Nenets Autonomous Okrug take part in the III Forum of Class Teachers

The Forum of Class Teachers is a landmark event in the field of education and upbringing. This year the Forum brings together 3,000 school education activists and curators of secondary vocational education groups from 89 regions of Russia. Three hundred more teachers take part as forum volunteers

Photo courtesy of Gayuna Khatanzeiskaya

The Forum is held by the Ministry of Education of Russia on behalf of the President of Russia. The strategic partner of the FKR is the ANO Dialogue Regions, the parent organization of the Regional Management Centers.

To participate in the forum, participants passed a competitive selection process. In total, more than 60,000 applications were submitted to the Forum. All forum events can be viewed online in the VKontakte community.

This is not the first time that Gayuna Khatanzeiskaya, a teacher at Secondary School No. 1, has taken part in the forum and notes its high level of preparation. Today she, together with colleagues from the region, represents the Nenets Autonomous Okrug at the forum.

— Big Teachers’ Week is the key event of the Year of the Teacher and Mentor, declared by the President of the Russian Federation. The forum organizers promise a rich program and meetings with interesting speakers. I am sure that I will gain useful knowledge that will be useful in the future,” noted Gayuna Khatanzeiskaya.

Among the key topics of the forum: love of reading and native history, psychological aspects of teaching, inclusive education, education in the spirit of traditional values, working with children’s groups and much more. FKR participants will discuss these topics at panel discussions, round tables and master classes.

This year the forum is held in 2 shifts:

October 3-5: class teachers of grades 1-5, correctional classes;

October 5-7: class teachers of grades 6-11, group supervisors in secondary vocational education;

October 5: a common day for two shifts, and after that there is a concert for Teacher’s Day at the State Kremlin Palace.

Subject matter experts and famous people take part as speakers at the forum: politicians, public figures, representatives of the cultural sphere. Organizations subordinate to the Ministry of Education of Russia will present their programs and methodological developments: the Institute for the Study of Childhood, Family and Education, the Academy of the Ministry of Education of Russia, the Federal Institute of Digital Transformation in Education, as well as the Russian movement of children and youth “Movement of the First”, “Eaglets of Russia”, “Navigators” childhood”, Russian Society “Knowledge”, “Russia is a land of opportunities”. The general information partner of the Forum is VK.

The All-Russian Forum of Class Teachers involves a rich educational, discussion and cultural program. Thus, during the forum there will be a book fair for class teachers and lectures on modern literature. Forum participants will be able to send memorable postcards to their friends – the Russian Post zone will be open at the event especially for this purpose. By the way, the design of the cards was developed by the class teachers themselves.

For reference:

In accordance with the order of the President of the Russian Federation dated May 9, 2020 No. Pr-794, the All-Russian Forum of Class Teachers is held annually. Over the years, the Forum has shown its importance for teachers in our country. As a result of the first Forum, a professional Community of class teachers and curators of secondary vocational education groups in the country was created on the social network VKontakte numbering more than 170 thousand active users from 89 regions of Russia.

Among the goals of the forum:

– increasing the social and professional status of the class teacher and the prestige of teaching specialties;

– development of a professional community of class teachers in the country, focused on instilling traditional spiritual and moral values ​​in the younger generation;

– development of a unified communication platform for professional communication and discussion of current issues of pedagogy.

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