Saving lives, maintaining health. Nenets District Hospital celebrated its 90th anniversary

Today, in a solemn ceremony in honor of the anniversary of the Nenets District Hospital, employees of the medical industry were awarded letters of gratitude and certificates of honor.

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Governor of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Yuri Bezdudny presented the well-deserved awards to the doctors.

— Back in 1933, the hospital consisted of a 24-hour hospital with 12 beds, two doctors and four nurses. Today the hospital is the main medical center of our district. Every day you see patients, perform complex operations, and save people’s lives. In our society, the work of medical workers is highly recognized, but in difficult times of Covid, we felt the especially valuable importance of your work. How much dedication it takes to save, go out and cure patients! Thank you very much for this! “I want to express words of gratitude to you from all the residents of our district,” the head of the region addressed the doctors.

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For her contribution to the development of healthcare, medical science, training of qualified specialists and many years of conscientious work, the local pediatrician at the children’s clinic, Zhanna Shnyakova, was awarded the Luka Krymsky Medal.

A woman with a modest smile takes away a high award. In a pink flowing dress, she looks like a fairy. Probably because, due to his duty, he spends all his time with the children.

She is a child herself, like all pediatricians, Zhanna Vladimirovna is sure.

The interlocutor has been working in a children’s clinic for more than 10 years. The total medical experience is 26 years, of which eight she worked as a neonatologist – she was involved in the treatment and prevention of pathologies in newborns.

The honored physician was born in the Arkhangelsk region. She received her education at the Northern State Medical University. Even as a little girl, I knew that I would be a doctor.

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“There were no other options, I didn’t even consider it.” Although everyone in my family is teachers, I went into medicine. I love my job because I see how my little patients get better and become healthy. Children are very grateful patients,” shares Zhanna Shnyakova.

Today she remembers her first day of work with a smile – she was worried.

— I was the only neonatologist, I was afraid at first. Later, when I went through neonatal intensive care, I became bolder and my work was easier,” says the pediatrician.

Zhanna Vladimirovna arrived in Naryan-Mar in 2013. I developed a special love not only for the city, but also for the staff of the Nenets District Hospital.

— We have a very good team, all our colleagues are so wonderful! You should come to medicine only by calling. If you feel that being a doctor is for you, be sure to go to medical school,” added Zhanna Shnyakova.

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Also, certificates of honor from the Nenets Autonomous Okrug were presented to the emergency room physician Olga Ovcharnikova and the head of the children’s department Vladimir Chudochin.

Letters of gratitude from the Governor of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug noted the work of Deputy Chief Physician for Medical Affairs Anatoly Gorelik, Head of the Admissions Department Anatoly Baskakov, Head of the Maternity Department Sayore Azamova, Head of the Transfusion Department Leon Minosyan and Accountant Oksana Taborskaya.

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“Treating a person and saving his life is a responsible and difficult task. A good doctor, a patient, attentive nurse are people who, by doing their work, give health and hope to a person. At the same time, they leave a piece of themselves and their heart. Such self-sacrifice cannot but evoke sincere gratitude. You have to fulfill your mission in changing living conditions, some have to fly to the farthest corners of the district, spend sleepless nights,” Alikhan Garunov, chief physician of the Nenets District Hospital, addressed his medical colleagues. — The Nenets District Hospital is not a building or equipment, it is, first of all, its staff. This is a large family of people of different specialties, views and ages, who are united by one goal – helping people.

Today in the hall were also veterans of the medical industry who spent most of their lives serving their beloved and noble cause.

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Lyudmila Arteeva worked at the Nenets District Hospital for 35 years, was a local pediatrician, neonatologist, deputy chief physician, and head of the medical drug supply department.

— We had a very good and friendly team at the children’s clinic. Experienced doctors suggested and showed everything,” emphasizes Lyudmila Anatolyevna. I didn’t choose my profession by chance—my dad was a paramedic.

Lyudmila Anatolyevna was born on Vaygach Island and moved to Ust-Kara at the age of five. She studied in Amderma, and finished the 10th grade at the Nenets boarding school. After graduating from school, she entered the Leningrad Pediatric Medical Institute.

During her work, the pediatrician flew around the entire district. He recalls that the cases were very different, and there were difficult patients.

— Once I came to an evening concert. A man and a woman approached me. They started thanking me for my son. It turns out that 20 years ago I took their seriously ill child out of the village. Their son is already 20 years old, and his parents remember what I did for them. It’s nice, of course, when they remember,” the woman shares her emotions.

On this memorable day for the Nenets District Hospital, she congratulates all those involved.

— Congratulations to everyone on the anniversary of the hospital. I wish you success in your work. Never change your profession and don’t let your colleagues down,” said Lyudmila Arteeva.

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The results of professional skills competitions among nurses and drivers NOB.

Ranks best nurse Marina Petrenko was awarded, Stepan Chuprov was recognized as the best driver of the emergency medical department, Vasily Patyka became the best garage driver.

The festive evening ended with a performance by Honored Artist of Russia Sergei Volchkov, who arrived in the region at the invitation of the Governor of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Yuri Bezdudny.

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