Northern Transport Company switches to inter-navigation passenger transportation schedule

Photo: Anton Taibarei/

From October 12, passengers will be transported airboat “Arktika” and the hovercraft “Polyarnik”, reports press service of the Administration of the Polar Region.

Water jet boats “Alexey Kalinin” and “Pustozersk“, motor boats “ZR-1″ and “ZR-2”, which have spent the summer season, will go to wintering until the next navigation. They take over the watch airboat “Arktika” and hovercraft “Polyarnik”. SVP “Vasily Samoilov” All more is under renovation, we wait delivery of failed parts. We hope for the uninterrupted operation of Arktika and Polarnik in the upcoming season,” said Stanislav Mikov, director of the Northern Transport Company.

You can find out more information about flights by calling 8 911 065 60 10. You can view the ship schedule during the non-navigation period link.

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