NAO teachers took part in the Forum of class teachers

The Forum of Class Teachers has ended in Moscow. It brought together 3 thousand class teachers and curators of secondary vocational education groups from 89 regions of the country. Over the course of five days, teachers communicated at master classes and exchanged work experience

Photo courtesy of Galina Lugai

During the forum, issues related to working with children’s teams, effective mentoring practices in secondary vocational education, and features of working with inclusion were raised. The participants also talked about education in the spirit of traditional values, the psychological health of teachers, and looked for answers to pressing questions – how to instill a love of reading and native history, how to organize career guidance, and much more.

The forum ended, teachers went to their regions with new impressions. Recently, representatives of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug returned to the capital of our district. Galina Lugai, a teacher at Secondary School No. 3, took part in the forum for the first time and says that the impressions will last a lifetime.

— It was my first time to attend an event of this level, where I could not only gain tremendous experience working with the class, but also meet and communicate with colleagues from other regions. New horizons have opened up for me. Master classes, lectures, presentations, discussions and much more. The Forum program was so intense that it was not always possible to make it from one information platform to another,” the teacher shares the details. — The forum was held at the highest level. Each participant was filled with new knowledge, emotions, and inspired for further fruitful work!

Galina Lugai added that an unforgettable gift from the Forum organizers was a gala concert at the Kremlin Palace in honor of Teacher’s Day, where famous and emerging artists performed for the participants. The final number of the concert, which struck the hearts of the audience, was the performance of the little girl Nastya from Lugansk and Sergei Sergeevich Kravtsov with the song “Where the Motherland Begins.”

Each Forum participant also received a memorable gift. And the FKR Museum has expanded its exhibition with a new exhibit – a figurine of a deer from Naryan-Mar.

Those who were unable to join the forum offline were able to watch it via online broadcast.

The All-Russian Forum of Class Teachers, which is the main event of the Year of the Teacher and Mentor, involves a rich educational, discussion and cultural program. The forum is held by the Russian Ministry of Education on behalf of President Vladimir Putin. The strategic partner of the FKR is the ANO Dialogue Regions, the parent organization of the Regional Management Centers.

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