Five generations of teachers. A “Class Meeting” was held at the Nenets School named after A.P. Pyrerka with a representative of the pedagogical dynasty

Olga Avenirovna Kelareva is the daughter of the first director of the Nenets boarding school named after A.P. Pyrerki Avenir Avenirovich Torkov

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On the eve of Teacher’s Day, a solemn event was held in the assembly hall of the school named after A.P. Pyrerka. Distinguished teachers, graduates of different years, and students gathered.

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At the meeting they recalled the history of the creation and development of the boarding school. Olga Kelareva, an experienced teacher and representative of an almost two-century teaching dynasty, spoke about the first director of the educational institution.

The pedagogical chronicle of the Popovs–Torkovs–Kelarevs began with Raisa Konstantinovna Popova, the grandmother of Olga Avenirovna, who worked as a primary school teacher in Yarensk.

Father Avenir Avenirovich Torkov is a well-known teacher in the area, the organizer of the Nenets boarding school. Olga Kelareva’s mother was also a teacher at the school named after A.P. Pyrerka. Little Olya spent her entire childhood at school, so she didn’t even think about choosing a future profession.

— We lived right at the school. From the maternity hospital they brought me straight to the school building, where the dormitory was located on the first floor. We lived there until 1962, when we were given an apartment. And on the second floor there were offices. I really loved wandering around these classes in the evenings when no one was there. I taught myself, called me to the board, answered, pretended that I was a teacher. Mom was also a teacher at this school. Of course, I became a teacher! Where to go when childhood is like this? – Olga Avenirovna laughs.

With brothers and parents, 1966. Photo from the family archive of Olga Kelareva

Honorary teacher of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Olga Avenirovna Kelareva taught English for 50 years, worked at school No. 3 of Naryan-Mar and the research school.

Its dynasty includes five generations of teachers, and their total teaching experience is 175 years.

Aunt Anna Avenirovna is a Russian language teacher. Daughter Natalya is a primary school teacher. Granddaughter Vika is an English teacher at a special language school in Arkhangelsk.

It should be noted that the event took place as part of the “Big Teachers’ Week”, dedicated to Teacher’s Day.

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— I congratulate all teachers on the holiday. Nice to see everyone. I would like to express my gratitude to the school administration for so carefully preserving the memory of the past,” said Olga Avenirovna.

As part of the “Class Meeting”, the work of teachers who worked for many years at the Nenets school named after A.P. Pyrerka was also noted.

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In addition, in honor of the holiday, the school opened an exhibition “Teachers, your work, like life, is priceless.”

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