Who is Daniel Noboa, the president of Ecuador who has declared an internal armed conflict

The president of Ecuador, Daniel Noboa, decreed on Tuesday in a formal statement that Ecuador is experiencing an “internal armed conflict” following the seriousness of the events registered in the country.

Criminal groups have extended their power and presence and are wreaking chaos and terror throughout the country. Despite the seriousness of the events recorded in the country this Tuesday, the president of Ecuador, Daniel Noboa, has not appeared publicly in recent hours and is managing this crisis through messages on social networks.

On Monday night, Noboa announced in a video the application of the state of emergency and curfew for sixty days, as a result of a series of riots in six prisons in the country, in which several prison guards were kidnapped.

“I have just signed the state of emergency decree so that the Armed Forces have all the political and legal support for their actions,” he assured.

Daniel Noboa assumed office in November 2023 for a period of one and a half yearsthe deadline left for President Guillermo Lasso to complete his mandate, who dissolved Parliament and called early elections.

Who is Daniel Noboa?

Daniel Noboa is the youngest elected president in the history of Ecuador. At only 35 years old he is president, but his term will last only until May 2025. In 2021 he debuted as an assembly member and came to chair the Economic Development Commission.

Noboa obtained 52.1% of the votes in the second round of the early elections, which were called by Guillermo Lasso, in the middle of a political trial for alleged corruption.

The young man belongs to the third generation of a family of multimillionaire businessmen from Guayaquil. His grandfather founded the Noboa Banana Exporter and his father expanded the family business beyond bananas to control a multinational network of companies under the Noboa Group banner.

Daniel’s father, Álvaro Noboa, was the first to make the leap into politics and was the candidate who has tried the most times, – without success – to become president. He almost got it in the 2006 election; he lost in the second round against Rafael Correa.

When his father abandoned his desire to be president of Ecuador, Daniel Noboa decided to study a degree in Business Administration at New York University, Public Administration at Harvard Kennedy School, and a master’s degree in Governance and Political Communication at George Washington University.

At just 18 years old, Daniel Noboa founded an event management company called DNA Entertainment Group.

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