WHO announces fuel entry mechanism to Gaza

The World Health Organization (WHO) has assured that as of this Friday, November 17, a mechanism could begin to operate that will allow the entry of fuel in the Gaza Strip through the Rafah border crossing, the only one controlled by Hamas. According to the Egyptian media, they will enter 150,000 liters of fuel.

Fuel in the Gaza Strip completely ran out this week, causing most of the hospitals stop workingas well as the services of telephone and internet and of the plants desalination that convert seawater into drinking water. In fact, the UN estimates that more than 70% of the population in Gaza do not have access to this vital supply.

The WHO representative in the occupied Palestinian territories, Richard Peeperkorn, has commented that this mechanism “must be continuous to guarantee the humanitarian operation, whichue the plants of desalination, bakeries and telecommunications work again.”

Conditions unknown

However, he has not offered details of the regularity of supply or whether Israel will put conditions on the fuel useas he did in the middle of this week, when he allowed the entry of 23,000 liters, which were only to be used for transporting aid. Under Israeli conditions, such fuel could not go to the hospitals or be used in other vital services.

Without electricity since October 11

Since last October 11four days after the war in Gaza began, following the attack by the Islamic terrorist group Hamas against Israel, the enclave is in a Total electricity blackout.

The authorities Israelis cut off electricity supply which originated in his country and the only electrical production plant in the Palestinian territory subsequently sold oute all its fuel reserves.

Little by little, all basic services were running out of fuel that each one had in reserve and with which they operated the electric generators until this week.

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