What Palestine said after the bombing of the hospital in Gaza: “They have crossed all the red lines”

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has assured that Israel “has crossed all red lines” after the attack on the Al Ahli hospital, located in the north of the Gaza Strip, which left more than 500 dead.

They will not allow the Israeli authorities to “escape responsibility and punishment”

Abbas, while chairing an urgent meeting of senior Palestinian officials after his return from Jordan, assured that They will not allow the Israeli authorities to “escape responsibility and punishment.”

“Faced with this tragedy that occurred on Tuesday night, and out of concern for our people, I decided to shorten my visit and return to the homeland to be among my people in this great test,” he declared in reference to the cancellation of the summit that was scheduled in the Jordanian capital, Amman, together with the American president, Joe Biden, and the Egyptian president, Abdel Fattá al Sisi.

Abbas has called for “closer ranks” and has advocated for unity, “not to change the compass and not to be carried away by temptations from which only the enemies of the Palestinian people will benefit.

“This moment is fateful and dangerous. It can only be faced with unity and firmness in the face of Israeli aggression,” he added, asserting that they will never accept “any other word from anyone other than to stop this war” and thus requesting the international community to mobilize in favor of an initiative that condemns and stops attacks against civilians.

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