US and UK launch airstrikes against provinces controlled by Houthi rebels

Several aerial bombardments were launched early this Thursday against at least six provinces in Yemen controlled by the Houthi rebels, including the capital Sanaa, after the United States and the United Kingdom threatened to respond to attacks launched by the insurgents against navigation in the Red Sea.

The bombings hit different positions in Sana’a, while witnesses stated that airstrikes also took place in the provinces of Al Hudeidah Saada, Dhamar, Taiz and Hajjah, all of them in western Yemen and controlled by the Houthi rebels.

The United States confirmed this Thursday that it carried out a joint military action with the support of several countries against the Houthi rebels in Yemen, after the increase in their attacks against vessels in the Red Sea.

President Joe Biden explained in a statement that under his direction and together with the United Kingdom and the support of Australia, Bahrain, Canada and the Netherlands, they successfully carried out attacks against several targets in Yemen used by the Houthi rebels.

In response to these attacks, the Houthi rebels of Yemen have launched a barrage of cruise and ballistic missiles against US and UK warships in the Red Sea in response to the aerial bombardments that this morning have hit several provinces in the Arab country.

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