Ukraine denounces the poisoning of the wife of its head of the Intelligence services

Marianna Budanova, wife of the head of the Ukrainian Military Intelligence services, Lieutenant General Kirilo Budanov, has been poisoned with heavy metals, according to sources from the security department itself. “Marianna Budanova was poisoned with heavy metals. She is undergoing treatment,” said this source, who also clarified that in Budanov’s case “everything is fine for him” and “nothing was found on him”, according to several Ukrainian media.

“These substances are in no way used in everyday life or in military affairs. S“Its presence may indicate a deliberate attempt to poison someone,” one of these sources told the Babel news portal.

Another source has revealed to the Ukrainska Pravda portal that Budanova “was probably poisoned by (a product introduced into her) food”, although “she is better now” after having passed the first phase of treatment. Likewise, she has said that employees of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) are being treated for poisoning.

“As Budanov’s wife is small and weighs little, this manifested itself more quickly in her. The poisoning was confirmed in several employees who, since they are simply enormous, did not notice anything and are now also being treated,” he explained. Authorities have confirmed that the woman She is admitted to a hospital in Ukraine and her case is being investigated as an attempted murder.

In recent times, Budanov has been the target of more than a dozen assassination attempts, according to Ukrainian media, one of which was a missile attack on the GUR headquarters during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In December of last year, for example, Ukrainian authorities revealed that they had thwarted an attempt by Russian special services to end the lives of Budanov and the then Minister of Defense, Alexei Reznikov, while in spring 2022 he was close to being hit by Russian fire during a visit to troops on the Severodonetsk front, in the Luhansk region.

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