Two passenger planes collide at an airport in Japan without causing any injuries

This Tuesday there was a collision between two passenger planes at the airport New Chitose in the prefecture of Hokkaidoin Japanthat has not caused any injuries although there was material damage to both vehicles.

As explained by the state broadcaster NHK, the incident occurred around 5:30 p.m. local time when a Korean Air plane, with more than 280 passengers and crew members on board, was pushed by a taxiing vehicle before flying to Saúl (South Korea).

NHK images show that the tip of the left wing of the Korean Air plane was broken and that the rear of the other plane, a Cathay Pacific plane, was damaged.

Airport authorities have stated that There was no fire or fuel leak. and those responsible for the Korean ship have explained that the tow vehicle skidded because of the snowy runway.

This is the second airplane-related accident occurring in Japan in so far this yearbecause on January 2, two other ships collided at the airport in Haneda of Tokyocausing five dead.

Following this accident, the Japanese Ministry of Transportation announced emergency security measures to strengthen air traffic control.

Among the new measures, air traffic controllers are expected to give pilots permission to take off without telling them their number in line for the moment, since it is believed that the Coast Guard aircraft mistakenly entered the runway after its pilot misinterpret the phrase “number 1” as authorization to take off.

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