This was the moment of the burning landing and the distressing evacuation at the Tokyo airport

The passengers of the Airbus A350, which landed engulfed in flames at Tokyo airport, experienced moments of anguish before being evacuated. The Airbus A350 had on board 379 people who were able to get out of the aircraft before it burned completely.

The Japan Airlines aircraft came from Hokkaido’s Shin-Chitose airport, bound for Haneda (Tokyo), where the accident occurred. The collision between both aircraft caused one of the commercial flight’s engines to catch fire, although the fire was later put out by firefighters, while all airport runways were closed.

The JAL plane was seen leaning forward, with the front landing gear collapsed, the windows engulfed in flames and the fuselage covered in smoke, as fire services tried to put out the flames.

Authorities later confirmed that five of the crew of the Coast Guard plane died. Neither the Japanese Coast Guard nor the Meteorological Agency pointed out the reason for the accident, since there had been no adverse weather conditions or strong winds, as they noted.

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