This is the line of succession of Charles III of England

The detection of cancer in King Charles III has forced the United Kingdom to dust off the protocols established within the Royal House on temporary absences and even those related to the succession, under the premise that, regardless of what happens to whoever is sitting on the throne, institutional functioning must continue.

Buckingham Palace announced in a statement that doctors had diagnosed the king with cancer during treatment for an eye problem. prostate. He did not clarify what type of cancer it was, although he has confirmed that for a time the monarch will not participate in Public acts.

In principle, it will continue with office work, which in principle does not anticipate problems for procedural issues such as promulgation of laws or even for meetings periodic meetings that the monarch maintains with the prime minister, normally every Wednesday in Buckingham.

The queen camilla Yes, he will continue to attend public events, which will leave him for a time yet to be determined as the main figure of the British Royal House facing the citizens. In any case, it is not a temporary substitution of the king’s functions, a possibility that is contemplated for certain situations.

This is the line of succession of Charles III of England

If the king abdicates or dies, the crown would automatically fall to his firstborn, the Prince of Walesjust as happened to Carlos III himself in September 2022 when his mother died, Isabel IIwho had been on the throne for more than seven decades.

Behind the Prince Guillermohis three sons appear in the line of succession, starting with the prince Jorge. Since these are minors without offspring, fifth place is occupied by prince henryfollowed by his two children, despite the fact that the youngest son of Charles III He has been away from any formal work as a member of the British royal family for several years now.

The eighth place in the line of succession falls to the duke of york, a title currently held by the brother of King Charles III. They follow him in line children and grandchildren.

This is the list of members of the Royal family who are in line to the throne.

  • Prince Guillermo.
  • Prince George.
  • Princess Charlotte.
  • Prince Louis.
  • Prince Harry.
  • Prince Archie.
  • Princess Lilibet.
  • Prince Andrew.
  • Princess Beatrice.
  • Sienna Mapelli Mozzi.
  • Princess Eugenie.
  • Augustus Brooksbank.
  • Ernest Brooksbank.
  • Prince Edward.
  • James, Earl of Wessex.
  • Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor.
  • Princess Anne.

Which royals can replace Charles III

In the event that the king could not develop the official duties corresponding to him, other members of the family could be appointed State Councilors to act on his behalf.

Among the potential substitutes are, in addition to the queenPrince William of Walesthe princess anne and the prince edwardthese last two brothers of Carlos III.

The monarchy in England

The monarchy remains the prevalent option in the United Kingdom in the preferences of citizens regarding the head of state. A Four. Five% They believe it is the best option, compared to the 31% who advocates for an elected leader, according to a survey published in October by the firm YouGov and which places in the 24% the proportion of those who do not have a formed opinion.

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