The United States confirms a Houthi attack on two cargo ships in the Red Sea

He United States Department of Defense has confirmed an attack launched this Sunday by the Houthi insurgency against his destroyer ‘USS Carney’ and against the British freighter ‘Unity Explorer’ in it Red Sea.

According to the statement, collected by the Washington correspondent of the Al Arabiya network, the American destroyer “first shot down a Houthi insurgency drone in its direction while it was sailing through the southern Red Sea”.

The destroyer then observed that “a ballistic missile had been fired at a civilian freighteridentified as the ‘Unity Explorer.'” The missile hit the vicinity of the ship, which has a Bahamian flag but is operated from the United Kingdom.

“The ‘Carney’ immediately responded to his call for help and, during the assistance mission, shot down another Houthi drone that was heading in the direction of both ships.”according to the note.

Sources from the Israeli newspaper ‘Haaretz’ have confirmed the attack against this cargo ship and highlight that the British company that operates it is owned by Danny Ungarson of Israeli business magnate Rami Ungaranother of whose ships was intercepted two weeks ago.

Yemen’s Houthi rebels claim responsibility for attack

The Houthi rebels of the Yemensupported by Irantoday claimed responsibility for attacks with missiles and drones against cargo ships transiting the Red Sea.

The military spokesman for the Houthis, Yahya Sareasaid in a televised speech that the insurgents “carried out an operation against two Israeli ships” in the Strait of Bab el Mandab.

“The first ship was attacked with a naval missile and the second with a naval drone”indicated the military spokesman, who added that the operation took place “after the two ships rejected the warning messages” of the Houthis.

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