The UN warns about “extreme overcrowding” in Rafah, the only area of ​​Gaza without fighting

The Rafah area, in the far south of Gaza and close to the border with Egypt, is receiving tens of thousands of displaced people from Khan Younis and other areas further north since the end of the truce and is suffering from increasing levels of overcrowding, The United Nations warned today in its daily report on the conflict in the Palestinian enclave.

Many of the displaced are in tents and other makeshift accommodation on the Al Quds University campus and in a building under construction for the future Qatar Hospital, the report from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs indicated.

Under these conditions, thousands of people have to queue for hours to receive humanitarian aid in the form of food, water and other basic goods, while further north of Rafah the distribution of this assistance has basically stopped due to hostilities and restrictions. of movement.

The document highlights that many of the 1.9 million displaced people have had to change accommodation two or three times since October, as the fighting has spread from the north to the south.

The report also denounces the first attacks on health facilities in Khan Younis, now the center of the fighting, as happened a few weeks ago with the hospitals in the capital of Gaza and other towns in the northern half of the strip, amid accusations by Israel that They were used as a refuge by Hamas.

In Khan Younis, this Friday the bombings hit the Al Amal Hospital and the adjacent offices of the Palestinian Red Crescent, as well as another hospital, Yaffa, in Deir Al Balah, in the middle area of ​​the strip, although it is ignored by the moment if these incidents caused casualties.

Meanwhile, the Khan Younis European Hospital, one of the main hospitals in southern Gaza, has already reported shortages of supplies of medicine or blood for transfusions.

With a theoretical capacity for 370 patients, it is now treating about a thousand, many of them on the ground due to lack of beds, the report indicated, which also mentioned that operations are being performed without anesthesia and that some 70,000 are also sheltering in the hospital. internally displaced.

The hostilities in Khan Younis have also forced the closure of one of the nine health centers of the UN Refugee Agency (UNRWA).

In the north of Gaza, one of the two hospitals still in operation, Al Awda in Jabalia, has been surrounded by Israeli troops and tanks for two days, fighting continues in its surroundings and on Friday it was reported that a doctor at the center was murdered. a shot.

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