The UN denounces the Israeli bombing of two of its schools in Gaza

The Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, the Israeli attacks on UN facilities in the Gaza Strip, such as schools, where many people try to take refuge believing them safe. And he denounces that number of deaths by the Israeli attacks it is overwhelming that, according to Hamas, rises to more than 13,000.

Guterres said he felt “shocked” for these attacks. “Dozens of people – many women and children – were killed and injured while searching shelter in United Nations facilities”said the Portuguese politician in a statement.

In one of these attacks, at the Tal Az Zaatar school in Beit Lahia, they have died more than fifty peopleaccording to data published by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

This war is having a staggering and unacceptable number of civilian casualties.

For this reason, he has insisted on the “inviolability” of the UN facilities, places where hundreds of thousands of people come to seek refuge from the incessant Israeli bombings. “This war is having a number of civilian casualties shocking and unacceptable, including women and children, every day. This must end. “I reiterate my call for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire,” the secretary general said.

Likewise, since the war began on October 7 and until November 16, at least 71 internally displaceds and 5 others73 had been injured in attacks on UNRWA shelters in Gaza.

The UN denounces “a common grave”

A UN team denounces that the entrance to the center, where a largest hospital on the Stripthat of Al-Shifa, is a mass grave and describes it as a death zone. The hospital has already been largely evacuated.

For its part, Israel has assured in recent hours that Hamas has a fortified tunnel under Al-Shifa hospital. It is ten meters underground and has an explosion-proof access door near the health center. In some rooms they have found explosives and weapons.

China enters into mediation of the conflict

On the other hand, the Chinese Government enters into the mediation of the conflict in Gaza. During this Monday and Tuesday it will host the foreign ministers of Arab and Islamic countries to discuss how to move forward with its resolution and how to protect civilians as much as possible. Netanyahu himself admitted this weekend that without better protection of civilians even his strongest partners They could end up turning their backs on him.

At the summit ten days ago in Riyadh no progress was made and it ended in failure. It only served to confirm that there are two bitter positions. That of the most moderate (Jordan, Egypt, Emirate or Bahrain) that They defend maintaining relations with Israel and that of the most radical who ask at least apply economic sanctions.

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