The truce and the exchange of hostages between Israel and Hamas are delayed by one day

The agreement reached between Israel and the Islamic terrorist group Hamas last Wednesday will be delayed by 24 hours. In the pact, they had signed four days of ceasefirein addition to a exchange of 50 Israeli hostages for 150 Palestinian prisoners who are in Israeli prisons.

In these days of truce, the Israeli authorities have committed to do not arrest or attack anyone in Gazanot to fly over the entire southern area of ​​the enclave and the northern area for six hours a day.

In addition, they will be used so that the greatest number of convoys with humanitarian aid, medical goods and fuel can arrive “to all areas of Gaza without exception“the militia said in a statement.

The truce will begin on Friday

However the Israeli National Security Advisor Tzachi Hanegbi has confirmed that Hamas will not proceed with the release of the hostages until Friday.

Even so, he explained that “the negotiations for the release of our captives are progressing and continuing all the time“said Hanegbi in a statement released by the Office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, echoed by the newspaper ‘Haaretz’. And he commented that the release stage provided for in the ceasefire agreement with Hamas will develop as planned.

On the other hand, an official from Netanyahu’s office has assured that the Islamist terrorist group is still has not provided the list of people whom he will free. A list in charge of the senior Hamas official Musa Abu Marzouk.

The list of those kidnapped was not provided and the agreement was not signed.

“There is currently no ceasefire. The person who estimated that the exchange would begin on Thursday was Abu Marzouk, but The list of those kidnapped was not provided and the agreement was not signed.“said the source.

Likewise, another political official added that “according to the evaluation of political and security officials, this is delays that can be resolved in about 24 hours.

For his part, the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar, Majid bin Mohamed al Ansari, has reported that in the In the next few hours the entry into force will be announced of the truce.

He also recalled that Qatar, Egypt and the United States continue working for “ensure the rapid start of the truce“and ensure the commitment of Hamas and Israel to respect it.

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