The Spaniards evacuated from Gaza will fly from Cairo to our country in the next few hours

After the evacuation of last group of 29 Spanish-Palestinian citizens and family memberswho managed to cross the Rafáh Pass on Wednesday, Spain concludes the evacuation operation of people with Spanish passports. In total, there are now 143 people who have managed to leave the Strip with the collaboration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

All of them were taken by bus to Cairo, the capital of Egypt, and settled in a hotel. It is expected that “in the next few hours” a plane will be chartered that will take them from the Egyptian country to Spainas confirmed on Wednesday by sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A total of 143 people evacuated

Among the 29 who managed to leave the Strip yesterday were three Hispano-Palestinians who had been given authorization the day before but they did not manage to complete the process in timethe same sources have specified.

Last Monday, a first group of 40 people left the Stripof which half were minors, while on Tuesday a larger group made up of 74 people left, according to data provided by the portfolio directed by José Manuel Albares.

All of them were transferred to Cairo, where they were joined by the 29 evacuees on Wednesday. This Thursday they will fly to Spain where they will arrive in the next few hours.

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