The Red Cross receives 17 hostages released by Hamas, 14 of them Israelis and 3 Thais

The Red Cross received this Sunday 17 hostages released by the Islamist group Hamas in the Gaza Strip, including 14 Israelis and three Thais, according to the Israeli Army and the armed wing of Hamas, the Al Qasam Brigades.

Among the released Israelis there is one who has Russian nationality and was released as a gesture by Hamas towards the Russian government, in parallel with the agreement to exchange hostages for prisoners, by which 39 Palestinians are expected to be in Israeli prisons. be released this Sunday.

Hamas delayed hostage exchange

Yesterday, Hamas delayed the hostage exchange, claiming, among other things, that humanitarian aid in the northern Gaza Strip arrived in quantities “far less than agreed,” and accused Israel of not meeting the seniority criterion. by releasing yesterday’s 39 Palestinian prisoners.

Likewise, the Islamist group accused Israel of violating the truce by shooting two Gazans dead when they tried to visit their homes in the north of the enclave taking advantage of the pause in fighting.

Thanks to the mediation of Qatar, Egypt and the United States, Israel and Hamas reached an agreement this week to exchange a total of 50 hostages for 150 prisoners during a four-day truce in the Gaza Strip, which began on Friday and continues despite to the delay on Saturday.

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