The rapper ‘Canserbero’ did not commit suicide and was murdered by a woman, according to the Prosecutor’s Office

The Venezuelan Prosecutor’s Office has concluded that a woman sedated and stabbed rapper Tirone José González, known as ‘Canserbero’, to death in 2015, whose case was reopened last month to dismiss the suicide hypothesis of the artist, recognized this year by Rolling Stone magazine as the best rapper in Spanish of the last 50 years.

The attorney general, Tarek William Saab, presented to journalists this Tuesday a “definitive clarification” of this case “that caused a stir in the world of music” and that incriminates a dozen police officials and the justice system.

Saab presented video recorded statements in which A woman identified as Natalia Améstica confesses to having used benzodiazepines to make the musician Carlos Molnar, who was her partner, and González, sleepy. and then stab them until they are lifeless.

Améstica later asked a brother for help, with whom she altered the crime scene with the aim of simulating that a fight had occurred between Molnar and González that ended with the homicide of the first by the second, who ended up committing suicide, as indicated by the police version. for the last eight years, the prosecutor explained.

However, thanks to new researchin which nearly 50 people participated, the Prosecutor’s Office determined that there were alterations and inconsistencies that were resolved with new findings.

He specified that there are already six people detained for these events, among them the Améstica brothers, and that other arrest warrants have been issued against two prosecutors “who covered up” the truth, detectives from the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Corps (Cicpc) and an officer of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) who obstructed justice.

Likewise, the Prosecutor’s Office has asked to imprison the coroner who examined Canserbero’s body, whom he described as “a martyr of Venezuelan youth.”

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