The Israeli Army presents an “evacuation plan” for Rafah

The Prime Minister’s Office Israel reported this Monday that the Army presented last night during the war cabinet meeting an “evacuation plan” for the city of Rafah, in view of the planned large-scale operation, the catastrophic consequences of which the international community.

“The Israel Defense Forces They presented to the war cabinet a plan to evacuate the population from combat zones in the Gaza Stripas well as the next operational plan,” reads a statement published through social networks.

Plan for the “supply of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip”

Furthermore, this emergency government, created to take any military decision on the Palestinian enclave without consulting Parliament, has approved a plan for the “supply of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip in a way that prevents the looting that has occurred in the north and other areas.

Israel is pressing ahead with plans for a military offensive in Rafah, claiming it is one of Hamas’ last strongholds. There are currently around 1.5 million Palestinians in the city, who have nowhere to go after previously fleeing other areas in the north of the enclave, therefore, the international community has warned of the consequences, including the main ally of Israel, United Stateshas insisted on the need to have a credible plan to protect the population.

He Israeli army launched an offensive against Hamas in retaliation for the October 7 attacks, which left 1,200 dead and 240 hostages. Since then, the Palestinian authorities have reported the deaths of almost 29,700 Palestinians, plus another 399 in West Bank and in East Jerusalem due to the escalation of the actions of the Israeli security forces and settlers.

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