The Argentine Justice provisionally overturns Milei’s labor reform

The National Chamber of Labor Appeals of Argentina today temporarily suspended the labor reform of the decree of necessity and urgency (DNU), signed by the Argentine president, Javier Mileion the 20th to advance a broad deregulation of the economy.

The judges Andrea GarcĂ­a Vior and Alejandro Sudera This Wednesday they issued a precautionary measure requested by the labor union General Confederation of Labor (CGT) – the largest in the country – that annuls the changes in labor matters that had come into force on December 29.

Last week, the CGT, of Peronist inspiration, carried out a mobilization against the DNU and, in addition, asked the Judiciary to stop the labor changes that the Government wanted to impose by decree. Likewise, the governor of La Rioja, Ricardo Quintela, asked the Supreme Court to declare the decree unconstitutional.

This Wednesday, the National Chamber issued a measure that affects the applicability of the provisions of Title IV of the DNUthe one related to work, a resolution that will be in force until a final ruling is issued on the case.

The reform proposed by Milei includes changes in labor trialsthe extension of trial periods in companies and the reduction of pregnancy leavesamong other measures.

In addition, the labor reform also includes a reduction of contributions and retirement contributions, compensation and fines due to poor registration of workers.

The measures of the Milei decree are complemented by the initiatives announced by the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputothe second day of the new Government, last December 12, and by the known as “omnibus law”, with which the president intends to accumulate legislative powers.

Now, the Argentine Government’s economic measures packages have several open fronts. The first, in the political sphere, where Milei depends on the support of other political forces to carry out his proposals.

Secondly, the opposition in the streets, where mobilizations have already occurred. In fact, on January 24, the CGT has called for a half-day general strike and a large mobilization in front of the National Congress.

And finally, in the judicial field, where the appeals for protection against the DNU presented in the Argentine courts already exceed ten.

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