Spain demands to increase military and financial support to Ukraine while preserving unity

The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchezhe claimed this Monday to the international community increase military and financial support to Ukraine two years after the start of the war but preserving at all times European and transatlantic unity.

Sánchez defended the increase in this aid at the international conference convened in Elysee Palace by the French president, Emmanuel Macronand in which around twenty heads of State and Government participated, mostly European, and representatives of various levels of USA and Canada to show that Ukraine can continue to count on support Russia.

For the head of the Executive, it is necessary not only to maintain this aid, but to increase it both in the military aspect and in financial support. Something that, according to the Spanish Government, insisted that must be done while preserving European and transatlantic unity.

For Sánchez, unity has been and is the most effective weapon against Russian President Vladimir Putinwhich is why he stressed that to adopt new measures it must be done through consensus and debate among all allies.

In this context, he defended approving in the European Union the new Ukraine Assistance Fundwhich offers predictable and sustained support over time.

He also considered it urgent to increase European industrial capacity to comply with the commitment of send ammunition and equipmentin addition to helping Ukraine develop its own capabilities.

Sánchez took advantage of his intervention before the rest of the leaders to highlight the support that Spain has been providing to Ukraine since the start of the war, with the sending of humanitarian and military aid and the reception of Ukrainian refugees.

An aid that the President of the Government has been ensuring and once again guaranteed in Paris that Spain will continue to maintain it as long as necessary until peace is achieved.

For the head of the Executive, the peace that must be achieved It has to be fair and lastingin accordance with the principles of International Law and the United Nations Charter contained in the formula presented by the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskywho spoke by videoconference at the Paris summit.

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