Russia would benefit greatly from a ceasefire, according to Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelensky visited the capital of Estonia this Thursday after visiting Lithuania and before traveling to Latvia as part of his tour of the three Baltic countries.

In Tallinn, the Ukrainian president held a press conference with the Estonian president. From there he has pointed out that Russia experiences a deficit of missiles and ammunition, something that has led Vladimir Putin to buy drones and missiles from Iran and North Korea having suffered, among other things, the effect of the sanctions imposed by the West. An aspect that, according to Ukraine, is not happening very quickly, but it is happening. However, Zelensky warns that A ceasefire would only benefit Russia because this country has a great rearmament capacity with the daily production of drones and artillery.. The truce, in principle, would also not serve to establish political talks with the Russian Federation.

For its part, The President of Estonia has announced a contribution of 1.2 billion euros in defense aid to Ukraine in the period 2024-2027. Alar Karis has taken the opportunity to highlight that his country is among the member states of the European Union working on legislation that would allow the seizure of Russian assets and their use for the reconstruction of the Ukrainian people.

Regarding reports that some countries are pressuring Ukraine to seek a ceasefire or peace talks, the Estonian president assures that “Peace will come when the Ukrainians win the war”.

Agreement to demine the Black Sea

On the other hand, the authorities of Bulgaria, Turkey and Romania have reached an agreement to demine the Black Sea. All of them are part of NATO and thus seek to reinforce security in waters that Russia has been undermining since the beginning of its invasion. With this intention, a committee has been created made up of the commanders of the naval forces of the three countries, who will meet twice a year.

In December, Ukrainian authorities reported that a Panama-flagged ship passing through the area to collect grain from Ukraine collided with a Russian mine in the Black Sea, leaving two people injured.

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