Russia reports the arrest of eleven people in connection with the attack on the outskirts of Moscow

The Federal Security Service (FSB) has eleven people arrested in relation to the attack on a concert hall near Moscow that left more than 60 dead.

Among those arrested are four terrorists who personally participated in the attackas reported by the director of the FSB, Alexandr Bórtnikov, to the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, indicates the TASS agency.

Shortly before, the head of the Information Policy Committee of the Russian Duma, Alexander Khinstein, advanced the arrest of two suspects in the attack after the Police intercepted their vehicle near the town of Jatsun, Bryansk region, about 340 kilometers southwest of Moscow.

The intercepted vehicle is a white Renault, coinciding with the initial description provided by the authorities about the car with which those responsible for the attack on the hall fled. Inside the vehicle the agents found a guna charger for a Assault rifle and Tajikistan passportsaccording to the Russian agency TASS.

Immediately after the announcement, the Tajik Foreign Ministry indicated that has not yet “received confirmation from the Russian authorities” about the nationality of the attackers and has asked the public to wait for official verification of their identity, according to a statement published on Telegram.

“It must be taken into account that the dissemination of unverified and unreliable information can harm Tajik citizens who are currently outside the country,” emphasizes the Tajik Government.

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