Prince William speaks for the first time about Kate Middleton’s condition after her operation

Prince William, heir to the British crown, has thanked the “kind messages” that the royal family has received after King Charles III was diagnosed with an unspecified cancer and after the operation to which his wife, Kate Middleton, underwent 23 days ago and which has kept him specialized for two weeks.

Since then, Prince William has remained in the background focused on caring for his wife. “We really appreciate everyone’s kind messages. Thank you,” The Prince of Wales said briefly as he arrived at an Air Ambulance Service gala in central London.

Details about Kate Middleton’s condition and intervention have not come to light and that has sparked rumors about her condition. The prince has assured the future queen who is experiencing “good progress” after her intervention on January 16. Guillermo stressed that “the Wales family remains grateful for the good wishes they have received from around the world.” In any case, Buckingham Palace continues to reveal the details of the consort’s condition in dribs and drabs, just the opposite of what it did with Charles III.

The monarch’s eldest son has had to take over some official duties from his father while he undergoes sessions to treat the cancer that was recently diagnosed while he was operated on for an enlarged prostate in a London hospital.

The monarch, however, continues to attend to his specific State functions, such as signing laws or weekly telephone contacts with the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak.

The heir to the throne also returned to work after suspending his activities for a few weeks to take care of his wife, Princess Catherine, after the abdominal operation she underwentbut whose details have not been disclosed by the royal house.

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