Prince Harry arrives in London to visit his father following his cancer diagnosis

The Duke of Sussex, youngest son of King Charles III, who ceased to be an active member of the royal family in 2020, landed today before 14:00 GMT at Heathrow airport to visit his father diagnosed with cancer, as reported by the British media.

Upon his arrival at the London airport from his Californian residence in Montecito (USA), a convoy of SUVs escorted by police cars was waiting for the prince to transport him. In accordance with the first information has traveled alonewithout the company of his wife Meghan, nor his children Archie and Lilibeth.

Buckingham Palace announced this Monday that the king suffers from a type of cancer, which has not been specified and for which he began treatment yesterday. Was the Carlos III himself who reported his condition to his brothers Ana, Andrés and Eduardo, as well as his sons Guillermo and Enrique, who instantly announced his intention to travel to London.

First visit to the United Kingdom since September

The newspaper ‘The Times’ has indicated that it is the Enrique’s first time visiting the United Kingdom since last September he participated in an awards ceremony for the NGO WellChild.

In June last year he appeared before a London court for defamation proceedings against the Mirror newspaper group and a month earlier, on May 6, he attended, although in a secondary role, his father’s Coronation ceremony at the abbey. of Westminster.

The ‘Times’ considers that this visit to his father will be the first occasion in which both can talk face to face privately since the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022.

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