Powerful Iraqi militia says it will respond to US retaliatory bombings

The Iraqi militia Al Nujaba, one of the most prominent of the pro-Iranian group Islamic Resistance in Iraq, stated today that it will respond to the United States bombings against positions of groups supported by Iran in Iraqi and Syrian territory in retaliation for the death of three of his soldiers in Jordan.

“Let the American occupation and its unfortunate Administration know that the Islamic Resistance will respond with what it considers appropriate at the time and place it wishes, and that this is not the end,” said the pro-Iranian armed movement in a statement broadcast through its channel. from Telegram.

Al Nujaba, considered a terrorist group by Washington, stated that it has “surprises that will make the enemy angry” and whose objective is to force the departure of US troops from Iraq.

“We repeat, so that the deaf can hear, that we will not give a truce or withdraw, nor will we be defeated,” said the pro-Iran movement in the note, in which it described the US bombings that have caused 16 deaths on the ground Iraqi as a violation “of the sovereignty and dignity of Iraq.

Already before the US bombings and in the face of the threat of retaliation from Washington, Al Nujaba warned on Friday that it would not stop its operations against US positions in the Middle East until the war in Gaza stops and US troops withdraw from Iraq.

The group thus distanced itself from the announcement by Kataib Hezbollah, the flagship of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, which after the death of the three American soldiers in Jordan announced the cessation of its operations.

The amalgam of pro-Iran militias Islamic Resistance in Iraq has launched more than 160 attacks against Washington positions on Iraqi and Syrian soil since the start of the war in Gaza on October 7, but the action that killed three Americans was the first to cause fatalities.

Al Nujaba, as well as Kataib Hezbollah, is also part of the Popular Multitude militia group, de facto integrated into the Iraqi Armed Forces and whose positions were the target of the US attacks on Friday in Iraq.

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