Pakistan attacks insurgent bases in Iran after Iranian bombing of its territory

The Pakistan Army attacked several locations of insurgent groups in Iran on Thursday, two days after Tehran bombed two bases of a terrorist group located on Pakistani soil, triggering a diplomatic crisis.

“The operation was carried out at 6:30 local time (1:30 GMT) and at least seven hideouts of the terrorist groups Baloch Liberation Army and Baloch Liberation Front were attacked,” a military source said on condition of anonymity. .

The Pakistani Foreign Ministry reported in a statement that several terrorists were killed during the bombings.which shook insurgent hideouts in the Iranian province of Siestan-o-Baluchistan, neighboring Pakistan, and were carried out “due to the lack of action” by Iran to stop insurgent activity.

Pakistan fully respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Islamic Republic of Iran

“Pakistan fully respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The sole objective of today’s event was the pursuit of Pakistan’s own security and national interest, which is paramount and cannot be compromised,” Foreign Affairs added. Pakistani.

In addition, he warned that he would continue to take “all necessary measures to preserve the security” of Pakistan, and stressed that he would not allow its sovereignty or territorial integrity to be questioned under any circumstances.

“Iran is a brotherly country and the people of Pakistan have great respect and affection for the Iranian people. We have always emphasized dialogue and cooperation to confront common challenges, including the threat of terrorism, and we will continue to strive to find joint solutions,” sentenced the statement.

These attacks occur after Iran attacked two bases of the Sunni terrorist group Yeish al Adl in Pakistan territory last Tuesday with missiles and which two children died, according to Islamabad, which warned of “serious consequences.”

In retaliation, the Pakistani government recalled its ambassador in Tehran for consultations and announced the suspension of all high-level visits with Iran, at the same time as asking the Persian country to withdraw its ambassador in Islamabad.

Pakistani Foreign Minister Khalil Abbas Jilani interacted last night in a phone call with his Iranian counterpart Hossein Amir Abdollahian, where he insisted that the Iranian attack “was not only a serious violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty but also a flagrant violation of the right and the spirit of bilateral relations between Pakistan and Iran.

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