On a first-name basis with IT. Schoolchildren of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug were told about in-demand professions in the field of information technology

A career guidance forum was held for students in grades 8-11. Children from schools in Naryan-Mar and the village of Iskateley took part in it

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The “On You with IT” forum is a platform for young people who are interested in developing, building a career and implementing their projects in the field of information technology. The participants were greeted by the Deputy Governor of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Natalia Sidorova.

“Such events are held so that schoolchildren can take an informed step in choosing a profession. One of the main tasks of this career guidance forum is to find guys who really want to implement their projects and build a career in the field of information technology. And today, on the education side, we are creating all the conditions for this. This year we had a fairly good competition among the guys who were applying for IT majors. This suggests that these professions are in great demand today,” said Natalia Sidorova.

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The information and educational platform brought together more than 60 schoolchildren, IT specialists and teachers.

Tenth-grader Sofia Yanzinova is sure that the forum “On YOU with IT” will help her learn more about the specialties that will be in demand in the future.

“Perhaps this will allow me to decide on the choice of profession, while I don’t know where I will go.” I once participated in the First Arctic Forum and worked at the Physics site. The program was quite useful, and I am planning to take an exam in physics. I expect the same effect from this event. — Sonya shared with NAO24. — Currently, modern technologies are actively being introduced into our lives. It’s great that children, especially schoolchildren, are given such educational lectures to help them choose the right direction.

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Many schoolchildren present in the hall are planning to take an exam in computer science, so the lectures are not only career guidance in nature.

— I want to learn from the experience of speakers and specialists speaking on the site. This is interesting and useful to me, first of all, because I plan to take an exam in computer science,” notes ninth-grader Anna Yakovleva.

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Director of the Nenets Information and Analytical Center Egor Ruzhnikov told schoolchildren about current IT professions.

— Information technology is almost the only area where you can start working even without experience and earn good money. Our company hires guys without experience, but for this, of course, we need to develop, gain knowledge not only that teachers give at school, but also master new technologies ourselves,” the specialist explained.

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Also, Deputy Governor of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Head of the Department of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Anton Lebedev reminded the children about the basics of Internet security.

What IT specialties can be studied in Naryan-Mar, explained teachers of the Nenets Agrarian-Economic College and Naryan-Mar Social and Humanitarian College Oksana Kudlyak and Grigory Zhdanov.

Photo: Ekaterina Ester/

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