Netanyahu assures that he “will not allow” the Palestinian Authority to rule in Gaza after the war

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahuassured this Saturday that he will not allow the Palestinian National Authority (PNA)which governs small parts of the occupied West Bank, will control the Gaza Strip once Israeli troops eliminate the Islamist group Hamas.

“I will not make the mistake of allowing the ANP to govern in Gaza, it will be the same” that Hamas, the president said in a televised press conference, in which he advocated “a new vision, a change” in the Palestinian enclave, involving “Israeli security and control”.

USAIsrael’s main partner, has advocated for unification of Gaza and the West Bank under PA government once the war ends, but Netanyahu assured that the ANP and Hamas They have in common “the ideology that denies the existence of Israel”.

Furthermore, Netanyahu has reiterated threats to Lebanona country that will be “destroyed” Yeah Hezbollah enters a full-scale war with Israel. “We are going to restore security in the north and south. “If Hezbollah makes the mistake and enters into a full-scale war it will have destroyed Lebanon with its own hands.”he stated.

He has explained that “We are eliminating terrorist cells, moving them away from the border, destroying ammunition. “We will continue with strong deterrence in the north and total victory in the south.”

Hamas rules out new hostage exchanges

On the other hand, the number two of Hamas, I went out to Aruriassured this Saturday that there will be no new exchanges of hostages for prisoners until the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip ceases.

“Right now there are no negotiations for a truce. There will be no exchange of prisoners until the aggression stops and there is a comprehensive and definitive ceasefire (…) The occupation insists that there are still women and children being held, but we have handed them over all. “The prisoners remaining in Gaza are male soldiers and civilians who have been in the occupation army.”has explained.

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