Nayib Bukele claims to have won the Salvadoran elections “with more than 85% of the votes”

The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, claimed this Sunday to have won the country’s presidential and legislative elections “with more than 85 percent of the votes”, shortly after denouncing the closure of polling stations without allowing voters to vote. citizens who were still queuing.

“According to our numbers, we have won the Presidential election with more than 85 percent of the votes and a minimum of 58 of the 60 deputies of the Assembly. The record in the entire democratic history of the world. See you at 9:00 p.m. ( local time) in front of the National Palace. God bless El Salvador,” Bukele has published on his account on the social network X, formerly Twitter.

According to provisional data published by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) based on 31.49 percent of the vote, Bukele has more than 1,295,000 votes (around 76 percent support), which represents an abysmal advantage. Regarding the second force, the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), which has just over 110,000 votes (6.5 percent).

“El Salvador opens its doors wide for citizens of all countries in the world. We want them to come, visit us, get to know us. We want to be your friends, your allies, your partners. What we are not going to do is his lackeys. And it is not simply because we have that right, which we do, but also because we have already tried their recipes for 50 years and they never worked,” Bukele said during his celebration speech in reference to international criticism of his campaign against gangs.

Bukele exercised his right to vote this Sunday just an hour and a half before the scheduled time for the polls to close in a day that took place within an atmosphere of normality, although with some delays in the opening of some voting centers.

Opposition political parties have also denounced anomalies, such as the ARENA candidate, Joel Sánchez, who has denounced that Bukele’s party has continued to make propaganda inside the voting centers and has called for mobilization to vote.

Bukele charges against the Spanish press

The elected president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, has attacked Spain in his first speech after his overwhelming victory in the presidential elections, in which he surpassed his rivals by a large margin, as the polls predicted, achieving his second mandate after circumventing the Constitution.

Bukele explained that a Spanish journalist asked him why “they want to dismantle democracy”: “I told him, but what democracy are you talking about? Democracy means the power of the people. ‘Demos’ and ‘Kratos’. That’s where the word comes from. democracy,” he declared in reference to his victory in the elections, where he obtained around 80 percent of the votes.

“This means the power of the people. If the Salvadoran people want this, Why is a Spanish journalist going to come and tell us what Salvadorans have to do? ¿What democracy are you talking about? He talks about the democracy that his bosses tell him there in Spain. But that is not democracy. That would be colonialism, imperialism, elitism, plutocracy, you can call it whatever you want,” he said.

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