Navalny’s funeral will be held on March 1 in Moscow

After several days of pilgrimage and difficulties in finding a space in Russia to publicly say goodbye to Alexei Navalnithe Russian opponent’s entourage finally confirms the date and place for the mass and burial.

Much to the regret of the Kremlin, which was seeking a secret farewell without repercussions, Navalni’s funeral will take place on Friday, March 1 in Moscow. Among the details that are known, lThe funeral chapel will be installed in the cathedral in the Moscow neighborhood of Mariino and he will be buried in the Borisov cemetery.. The information has been confirmed on the social network X (formerly Twitter) by Navalni’s spokesperson, Kira Yarmish.

Another close collaborator of Alexei Navalny, Iv├ín Zhdanov, states that his funeral was initially planned to be organized on February 29, but that The Kremlin has prevented it because it would coincide with Vladimir Putin’s speech on the state of the nation.

Alexei Navalni died – suddenly – on February 16, when he was in an Arctic prison serving a sentence of nearly 30 years for fraud and extremism.

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