Mysterious images of Kate Middleton come to light after her abdominal surgery

The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, has appeared publicly for the first time after his hospitalization. She had not been seen since he was admitted to the central London Clinic on January 16.

Kate Middleton spent two weeks hospitalized due to a abdominal surgery of which not many details have emerged since then. “Kensington Palace made clear in January the recovery times of the princess and we would only provide meaningful updates. “This guideline remains in place,” they reported in a statement.

First image of the Princess of Wales

Since then the speculations have not stopped until the TMZ has published some images of the Princess of Wales as co-pilot of a vehicle driven by his mother, Carole, near Windsor Castle.

The expression on his face cannot be clearly seen because he looks large sunglasses.

They are photographs taken from a distance by the Backgrid agencyspecializing in celebrity photography.

There are a total of four enlarged snapshots in different sizes, the main one being Kate’s mother, Carol, taking the Princess of Wales by car.

The complicated moment of the British Royal House

Queen Camilla, who until now assumed responsibility for the Crown after King Charles’s absence due to cancer, decides to retire temporarily because she feels “exhausted”, according to the British press.

One week before Commonwealth Day, there is the unprecedented situation that three of the four main members of the Royal House are out of play, the King Charles, Queen Camilla and Princess of Wales, Kate Middletonand only the Prince Guillermo It has an agenda, but very limited.

The British royal family is going through one of the toughest moments. Kate Middleton underwent abdominal surgery a few weeks ago. At the same time, the news came to light that King Charles III suffers from cancer.

In the midst of this situation, Queen Camilla and Prince William have been in charge of taking charge of the public events to which Kate and Charles III They have not been able to attend. However, now Queen Camilla has taken a break, as the British newspaper Daily Mail.

Camila takes a break from royal duties

The middle Daily Mail claims that Queen Camilla is taking a break from work this week after holding down the fort since the announcement of the king charles cancer.

His Majesty has a clear agenda and this Monday it will depart from holidays abroad on a private flight, while also making time for family in the coming weeks.

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