Mike Johnson, elected new president of the United States House of Representatives

Louisiana Republican Congressman Michael Johnson was appointed this Wednesday as president of the United States House of Representatives after managing to unite the Republican Party around his figure and undoing the institutional blockade in which the Capitol had been mired since the beginning of October after the dismissal of the previous president of the Lower House, Kevin McCarthy.

Johnson, recognized ally of the former president donald trumphas managed to get the ‘hard wing’ of the party – from the extreme right and recognized ‘Trumpists’ – to support him in an election in which he got 220 votes compared to the 209 of the Democratic candidate, Hakeem Jeffries, reports the chain CNN news.

Despite having a majority in the House, the Republican Party has seen how the appointment of the president of the chamber – the third authority in the country – has been blocked on numerous occasions when considering that the candidates will not sufficiently oppose the progressive policies of the Administration Joe Biden.

This hard Republican bloc was responsible for the motion of censure that unseated McCarthy of the Speaker of the House of Representatives at the beginning of October, and also that the attempts of the representative from Ohio Jim Jordan They were frustrated on up to three occasions.

The Republican Party held an internal vote on Tuesday, a kind of primary election, to name its candidate to preside over the chamber. Although the most voted option was the party’s ‘number two’ in the House of Representatives, Tom Emmerhe resigned from the candidacy hours later in view of the fact that his investiture would be frustrated by his own party colleagues.

After this scare by Emmer, the Republican Party held a second vote in which Johnson won, who already received Trump’s approval this Wednesday. The former president released a message on his social networks this Wednesday in which he supported him and urged Republicans to support his inauguration.

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