Macron warns Israel of the importance of recognizing the creation of a Palestinian State

The French President, Emmanuel Macron, landed early this morning in Tel Aviv to meet with the President (Isaac Herzog) and the Prime Minister of Israel (Benjamin Netanyahu), where he showed the French support for Netanyahu’s government.

In his meeting with Herzog Macron he assured that they will be there “as long as it takes” to ensure peace and stability in the region and has reminded them that they are not alone. The French president took the opportunity to express France’s support for the fight against terrorism while calling for the release of the hostages.

Afterwards, the French leader met with Netanyahu and specified that Israel’s security and the stability of the Middle East will not last unless he recognizes “the legitimate right of the Palestinians“to have their own State.

“Hamas is a terrorist group, which is why it does not embody the Palestinian cause: it must be fought with force and the Palestinian cause must be understood“Macron stressed. He reminded Netanyahu that “war has no mercy, but it cannot be fought without rules” and asked him to restore the delivery of water and electricity to the Gaza Strip.

Possible trip to the West Bank

Macron He has not been the first president to travel to Israel, he follows the visits of Biden, Von der Leyen, Scholz or Sunak, but he is the only one who considers traveling to Ramallah (West Bank) to meet with the president of the Palestinian National AuthorityMahmoud Abbas.

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