Lady Di’s brother speaks about the Kate Middleton case: “I am concerned about what has happened to the truth”

Charles Spencer, Lady Di’s brother, was the last to comment on the obscurantism surrounding Kate Middleton’s state of health and his whereabouts.

In an interview on the BBC, Spencer claims to be “very concerned about the truth”in reference to the theories circulating about the state of health of the Princess of Wales.

Since undergoing “planned abdominal surgery” last January 16hardly anything is known about Kate’s whereabouts, absent from public life since then.

The lack of information about the Princess of Wales and recent dissemination of a manipulated photo of Kate with her children, has sparked rumors about what may have happened to him. From depression, to an alleged lover of Prince William… It has even been said that Kate could have died after the operation. Speculations do not stop growing and the only official information about the princess is that she will return to her public duties after Easter.

In the interview with British public television, Charles Spencer compared the current “conspiracy theories” about Kate Middleton with the “intrusion of the press” in the death of her sister Diana.

Princess Diana was 36 years old when died in a fatal car accident in August 1997 in Parisafter being chased by a paparazzi into a tunnel in the French capital.

Lady Di’s brother believes that “it was more dangerous then.” He believes the circumstances surrounding her sister’s death were “so shocking” that he marked a before and after in the way the press works. Diana’s death made them “consider what they could and couldn’t do,” she says, adding that it was “not because of ethics, but because it was unacceptable to the public.”

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