Kate Middleton’s next steps after announcing that she has cancer: “She trusts that her privacy will be respected”

The announcement of Kate Middleton’s cancer has completely changed the perception of the British about the Princess of Wales. After the loss of her reputation due to the montage of an image of her with her children, criticism and rumors were increasingly recurring. However, her message with the diagnosis of what is happening to her has made citizens turn to her as happened at the time of her with King Charles III.

This is how The Times journalist Simon Hunter tells it in Más Vale Tarde from La Sexta: “We have gone from a climate of speculation to enormous sympathy. People are very excited about the video. People with children of the same age are affected by the news.” Regarding the recording, various theories have emerged that it could be made with Artificial Intelligence, something that the journalist denies and calls it in bad taste: “Saying that it is an AI video is in very bad tastejust like those who have made a montage with the face of Diana of Wales.”

Although official information is scarce, sources close to the Princes of Wales have given some details about the message and when Kate Middleton decided to record it: “Officially, Kensington Palace says very little. But a lot of information is coming out. Kate wanted to take out the announcement after King Charles did. According to The Sun, she decided to do it two weeks ago. She talked about the topic of cancer with her children before recording the video.”

“We may think that he did it because of the rumors and the trolls, but he did it because he wanted to communicate it in his own way,” he says about the recording and why he did it the way it came out. From this moment on, Hunter points out, a time begins in which it will be difficult for there to be more appearances by the couple: “We won’t be seeing Kate and Guillermo for a long time. They trust people to respect their privacy but there will be a market for any photos or videos of them.”

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