Israel’s attacks on Gaza leave more than 18,200 dead as UN warns of humanitarian collapse

The number of Palestinian civilians killed has reached 18,205 since Israel’s offensive in Gaza began after the Hamas attacks on Israeli territory on October 7, according to the latest balance sheet from the Ministry of Health of the Gaza Strip, controlled by Hamas. .

For their part, the injured amount to 49,645 and most of them cannot receive medical assistance due to the impossibility of traveling to the north of the Gaza Strip.

This has been reported by the Gazan authorities who are asking for international help so that medical teams from around the world can go to the Gaza Strip to “save the lives of the injured.”

“We have lost hundreds of people who were injured and were waiting to be transferred out of the Strip to receive medical treatment,” reports the Palestinian newspaper ‘Filastin’, linked to Hamas.

Thousands of injured at risk of dying due to lack of medical care

“The occupation forces have prevented the wounded from receiving treatment in medical centers in the northern Gaza Strip given the impossibility of moving,” he stressed. Furthermore, he has accused the Israeli authorities of targeting Gazan hospitals and medical centers as a “direct target” of their attacks, which are suffering from “acute shortage of medicines and medical supplies”according to information collected by the Palestinian news agency WAFA.

The hospitals in the area that are still operational, work with “primitive methods” and without “anesthesia”. In this sense, the Gazan authorities accuse Israel of exercise “piracy” when freezing Palestinian resources obtained through tax collection. “This is reflected in all aspects, especially in the health sector, which is suffering severe cuts and interruptions in operations due to the inability to pay for necessary supplies,” he said.

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