Israel warns that it can “copy and paste” the destruction caused in Gaza in Beirut

There is a risk of “metastasis” in the region, has been the message from the head of North American diplomacy from Qatar, who today continues his tour in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. This afternoon Antony Blinken will meet again with the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, with the intention of stopping the expansion of the Gaza conflict to neighboring countries such as Lebanon.

Daniel Hagari, spokesman for the Israeli army, warns that Israel can “copy and paste the destruction of the Gaza Strip into Beirut”, because if there is one thing clear, it is that “they do not fight against a single enemy.” “Hezbollah, in its role as defender of Hamas, fired on military bases in the north. We do not suffer casualties. But we killed the squads that had fired on Israel and attacked a series of targets. We continue to be very prepared in the north,” says Hagari.

Furthermore, this Monday the screens at the international airport in Beirut (Lebanon) were hacked to show messages against the leader of Hezbollah, and the possibility that his confrontations with Israel on the border could end up dragging the country into an open war.

Three months later, the war in Gaza has already left nearly 23,000 Palestinian deaths.

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