Israel surrounds Gaza’s main hospitals

The Israeli Army has begun to surround several of the main hospitals in the northern Gaza Strip. Among them is the medical center controlled by Hamas, Al Shifawhere tol least 20 people They died in a previous attack.

The Palestinian Red Crescent has denounced what is happening “violent clashes” in the Al Quds Hospital area. Which have ended with at least one dead and 20 injured among the displaced people who were taking refuge in the medical center.

And the Gaza Ministry of Health has confirmed that the Indonesian Hospital she stayed without electricity, without water and without communications. Situation that is being experienced in other hospitals. In fact, a spokesman for the Gaza Red Crescent explained that due to lack of electricity Due to fuel shortages affecting many hospitals, teams at medical centers such as Al Quds “they are operating with minimal resources”without light and with “continued interruptions in communications and internet for the third consecutive day.”

International humanitarian law requires hospitals to be protected

The humanitarian chief of United Nations Martin Griffithsrecalled through his Twitter account that “the attacks against sensitive places (in Gaza) must stop” and that ““Under international humanitarian law, hospitals must be protected.”.

More than 11,000 dead and almost 27,500 injured

In total, since the conflict between Israel and Hamas began on October 7, they have more than 11,000 citizens died in Gaza. For their part, the injured amount to almost 27,500.

“The death toll from the Israeli aggression amounted to 11,078, including 4,506 children, 3,027 women and 678 elderly”, while “27,490 citizens were injured” with injuries of varying severity, detailed the Gaza Strip Health spokesperson, Ashraf al Qudra.

The same source added that in the last hours Israel “committed 12 major massacres, claiming the lives of 260 people“, while there are also at least 2,700 missing, including 1,500 children “that are still under rubble.”

Furthermore, the Israeli Army says that its Fighting and attacks in Gaza are resulting in dozens of militiamen dead every day, and according to a military spokesperson this afternoon, an armored brigade also attacked Hamas militiamen in beach areas of Gaza and “took control of their strongholds” in the northern sector.

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