Israel publishes images of the bombed hospital in Gaza and assures that the lack of craters proves its innocence

Daniel Hagarione of the spokespersons for the Israeli Army, has accused Hamas of misleading the international media after the event, which has even caused the cancellation of a summit in Jordan in which the presidents of the United States were going to participate, Joe Biden; Egypt, Abdel Fattah al Sisi; and the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas.

“According to our Intelligence data, Hamas verified the information, understood that it was an error in a shot from a Islamic Jihad rocket and decided to launch a global media campaign to hide what happened,” he said, before stating that the Islamist group “has inflated the number of victims,” ​​according to a statement published by the IDF through its website.

He has also emphasized that Hamas “understood with complete certainty“that the projectile had been launched by Islamic Jihad and, after presenting an image of the damage caused by the fire that broke out in the parking lot, has argued that the flames were caused by the impact of the projectile and the large amount of fuel that it still carried in the moment of impact.

Hagari has asserted that the Israeli Army has carried out “an exhaustive and in-depth investigation” that allows it to “confirm” that “the terrorist organization Islamic Jihad is responsible for the damage to the hospital“.

Thus, he detailed that “a battery of about ten projectiles was launched at the 18.59 hours (local time) by Islamic Jihad from a cemetery in the area” and that “at the same time, information was received about an explosion at the hospital.”

“An analysis of the aerial photographs confirms that there was no direct damage to the hospital, but only to the adjacent parking lot. Signs of a fire can be seen without craters or damage to the infrastructure of buildings in the area,” he maintained.

“This contrasts with the damage that had been caused by an air attack, since there would be craters and damage to the infrastructure of buildings, two things that are not identified in this incident,” he argued, before regretting that “many means of communication will inform about unfounded accusations of the terrorist organization Hamas”.

Israel publishes images of the hospital attacked in Gaza and says that the lack of craters proves its innocence

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have reiterated their position that the event was caused by the impact of a projectile fired by Islamic Jihad and have attached images of the hospital parking lot and craters from previous Israeli attacks. “There are no visible signs of significant craters or damage to the buildings,” they stressed in a video, published through their official account on the social network X.

Likewise, the Israeli Army has published in its X account a audio cut which supposedly includes “a conversation between Hamas operatives” about the event in which they address the incident and affirm that the projectile was launched by Islamic Jihad “from a cemetery located behind the hospital.”

Israel denies that the Al Ahli hospital in Gaza is destroyed or affected, except for the parking lot

Israel has denied that the massacre of hundreds of people due to a bombing of the Al Ahli hospital in Gaza took place and assures that the building is not destroyed, that it has not suffered serious damage and that there was only an explosion of smaller span in the adjacent parking lot caused by a failed rocket from the Gazan group Islamic Jihad.

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